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CSIA Certified.  Your Assurance of Exceptional Standards


Not all system integrators are created equal! ICS Healy-Ruff is one of a select group of integration firms to have earned Certified Member status from the Control System Integrator Association (www.controlsys.org).

The Control System Integrator Association (CSIA) was founded to help leading system integrators better serve their customers through the promotion of the best business and project management practices for the automation and IT domains.

In order to earn Certified status, firms must pass an independent, third-party audit based on criteria spelled out in CSIA's Best Practices and Benchmarks - the highest standard for firms committed to delivering the level of quality, performance, and long-term support their clients expect... and deserve.

Why Specify CSIA Certified?

Technology is an ever expanding portion of water and wastewater system operations and the technologies involved are becoming increasingly complex.  This means the automation and systems integration elements are even more critical to your project's success.

A novice, poor quality or ill-equipped integrator can be disastrous for you.  When you specify CSIA Certified, you are assured that your system integrator will have the experience, expertise, resources, financial stability and business acumen to bring in a succesful job and support you in the future.

Raising the Bar for Integration Services

What CSIA Certified Means to You